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Aphrodite Yoga photoshoot Vanity Fair style

How honoured was I to be recommended by the Olive Tree Sanctuary Yoga Retreat as one of their photographers to offer a dream yoga photoshoot to their clients.

So I decide to put together a collection exclusively for The Olive Tree Santuary.

Yoga Photoshoot with a Vanity Fair twist.

As we are in Cyprus the location just had to be Aphrodite Rock or 'Petra tou Romiou ("Rock of the "Roman")'. The birthplace of Aphrodite the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation.

You probably cannot imagine what it entails so I felt the need to provide some examples of what the photoshoot would look like. A fellow yogi, Louise Francesca Lastrina gracefully volunteered to be my model. All is needed is some material, an assistant and yoga pants!

Liv Unni Sodem, one of the hosts, came along to be my valuable assistant.

We started mid afternoon when the sun was still quite high but there was a lovely wind. 'Fantastistic' I thought, as the yoga positions mixed with gorgeous flowing material had an amazing effect by the blue sea.

Then the wind dropped to absolutely nothing, which is not heard of.!!

O.K get creative thinking caps on!!

Then came the 'golden hour'

An memorable & magical experience to treasure for always.

'The Aphrodite Collection' by Amita Photography

Exclusive for The Olive Tree Sanctuary Retreat.

For details please contact Olive Tree Sanctuary


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