Guys at work JW Salon, Peyia, Cyprus

I had a brilliant time capturing moments of Jonathan Woodward & Alexander Marescu at work last weekend. Oblivious to the scorching 40 degree heat outside, it was just another day to them in the air-conditioned salon.

The salon looks lovely: cool, spacious with a contemporary urban feel. A lady was chilling with a glass of the local wine whist waiting for her toe nails to dry. She had been there all day having the full works. I watched as Jonathan attentively styled his customer's hair. I loved capturing his focus and concentration. However his dog, Frankie, was the star of the show, pottering around contently, willing to accept attention and treats from the customers.

Capturing moments of people at work brings out the vibe and essence of a business and can be a great way to show potential customers.

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